Accession No 2009/42/xx

Mrs Angela de Wilton: Bequest of Documents, Articles and Display Cards relating to the period (1910-1920) during which her Grandfather, Mr Charles Hunter Pearson, was General Manager of the Central Argentine Railway.

1. Large Souvenir Album given to Mr Pearson when he returned to Britain at the end of his eleven years as General Manager of the Central Argentine Railway,, containing details of the various farewell ceremonies and dinners (lists of attendees, speeches given and Mr Pearson's replies), and a large number of newspaper articles relating to Mr Pearson's departure in November 1920.

2. A document given to Mr Pearson by the staff of the Central Argentine Railway at the end of the 1914-18 war, celebrating the victory of the Allies, expressing their gratitude to the British nation and to their Chief, Mr Pearson, and signed (over 11 pages) by almost all the staff of the Railway.

3. Twelve 15" x 12" double-sided display cards showing black-and-white photographic views of the newly opened (in 1915) Retire terminus of the Central Argentine Railway in Buenos Aires, with extensive captions and historical details.

4. Photocopy of a British Embassy Certificate, dated 9/10/1918, renewing the exemption of Mr Pearson from military service in the 1914-18 war, because of the indispensable nature of his work in the Argentine towards the war effort. The document also includes a revised list of the other exempt British residents living in the Argentine (the so-called Derby List).

5. Newspaper cutting (with a photo) about Mr Pearson's departure on leave to Britain in October 1913 on the RMSP Ancles.

6. Under the heading "Caught by the Camera ", a newspaper photo and brief caption describing Mr Pearson's directorships (including that with the Board of the Central Argentine Railway), dated 25/8/1931.

Source: On 5th May, 2009, Prof. Farrell visited Mrs de Wilton at her home in Horsham, and was given these items for the BORHT archive.