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RE and General List Officers Biographies for the Salonika Campaign 1915-1919

The names of the officers listed have been taken from the Unit War Diaries. Much information cannot be found or is illegible in the War Diaries. The officers listed are those known to have served in railway related units during the Salonika campaign 1915-19. Not all officers are Royal Engineers, some are General List or Special List, but I have taken their names from the unit War Diaries. The General List officers mainly served with the Railway Traffic Sections as Railway Traffic Officers (RTO) Much information cannot be found or is illegible in the War Diaries. Where I have found the relevant officers personal files at the National Archives they are listed besides his name as WO339/xxxx. Please remember that the Army Records Office was bombed during the Blitz and many records were destroyed. It will also be noted that many of the officers concerned had been born overseas to British expatriate parents, joined up from overseas and returned to their normal place of work after the war. That has made it very difficult to trace many of them. The records of officers who continued to serve after 1921had not been released when I carried out this research.

For detailed information on the Salonika Campaign reference should be made to the Salonika Campaign Society webpage at Salonika Campaign Society, 1915-1918 – We will remember them all and for the order of Battle of the Royal Engineer and Army Service Corps units reference should be made to and 5d04b-army-service-corps-units-in-the-british-salonika-force.pdf (


In addition to the abbreviations in the other R.E. biographies the following are relevant for this section.

ABS Army of the Black Sea
ADRT Assistant Director Railway Transport
BBCI Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway
BSF. British Salonika Force
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
JSC Junction Salonique Constantinople Railway
M.O. & C.S. Military Operating and Control Staff
RA Royal Artillery
RFA. Royal Field Artillery
ROC Railway Operating Company
ROD Railway Operating Department
RSRS Railway Survey and Reconnaissance Section
SADF South African Defence Force
SAEC South African Engineer Corps

Alexander, A.W.S.
War Office, RTO Class GG 20/05/1917

Appleyard H? MID [As for Bobby A.S]

Bryon WO374/2006 unlikely Reginald WO339/32897 no

Archbutt, Reginald Charles, Lt. R.F.A. [Transferred to R.E. see L.G. 26th Oct, 1916]
Dob 08/09/1887, Baptised 05/10/1887, Derby, son of Leonard and Clara, educ. St. Helen’s Derby 1892-1903. In 1904 commenced training in the summer holidays with Midland Railway, 1903-1906 University College, Nottingham, Engineering Course, 1906-1910 Pupil Midland Rly Loco Dept, 1910-12 Premium Inspector MR Derby, 1912-13 Asst Foremen Mach and Erect Shop, Derby, 1913, Resident Locomotive Works Manager London Tilbury and Southend Section MR, 1913-14 Resident Locomotive Superintendent Somerset and Dorset Rly, 1914-1919 HM Forces, Superintendent J.S.C. railways submitted an adverse report on him on 21/07/1917, the report said that whilst he had shown much ability in his work lately there had been a marked lack of co-operation, probably occasioned through his ill-health and length of service without leave, but the fact remained that he was not capable of performing his duties. served RFA Dec 1914-Sept 1916, transfers to ROD Salonica Sept 1916 to August 1917, transfers back to RA in France on health grounds. transfers from RE to RA on 22/02/1918 serving in France discharged 10/06/1919, 1919- Resident Locomotive Superintendent, SDJR at Highbridge, Somerset. marries Carmen Beresford Chick at Westminster Langham on 09/03/1921, JP in Somerset in 1935? Becomes AIMECHE in 1920, one proposer Sir Henry Fowler, Order of the White Eagle 5th Class, (Serbia) [LG 30891, page 10647, dated 06/09/1918], Order of the White Eagle Knight [LG 30891, page 10647, dated 10/09/1918], WO339/16815

Ash, Herbert Dudley WO339/854
DOB 1st Oct 1879, son of H.G. Ash of Warlingham, occupation on enlistment engineer, enlisted in 3rd County of London Yeomanry on 4th Sept, 1914 had previous service of 8 years in Bombay Light Horse, promoted L/Cpl on 29/10/14. Discharged on commissioning 13th Dec 1914. Joins 29th Lancers 31/09/1915. To HQ 4th Cavalry Division 24/02/1917, spends most of 1917 as a staff officer, to Egypt on 30/03/1918, mentioned in Allenby’s Despatch of 23/10/1918, he had been in the employ of Messrs Turner, Hoare and Co., Bombay Indian Agents for Messrs Jno. Birch & Co., demobilized 1st Sept 1921, retains rank of Captain. Dies July 1951 in Henley.

Atwood Martin James, R.E., MID [LG 31728 p527, 09/01/1920 From Milnes Despatch 09/03/1919] WO339/71825
dob 12/09/1867, in Greenock, privately educated, Masters Degree? Civil Engineer General works, in 1916 sailed from Havana with wife and children, arriving in NY on 25/04/1916 on SS Mexico in US Border crossing from Canada with wife Consuelo C (aged 36) and 2d 1 s, going to Mexico, occupation engineer, sailed from Liverpool 15th Sept, 1919 arrived Montreal 23rd Sept 1919 on SS Megantic on 16/09/1935 arrives in New York on SS Nerissa with his youngest daughter Amparo, from Trinidad. Arrives NY on SS Monterey from Mexico 15th Nov 1926, invalided home from Salonika on 7th May, 1918, with malaria, cataract in left eye, broken left leg, a note in file asked that in view of his probable loss of sight could his pension entitlement be expedited. His letter in the file states that he had already lost the sight in his right eye due to typhoid, presumably this was a pre-existing condition, as the medical examination says his sight was good enough for field work.

Barefoot, Reginald George James, Special List WO339/80783
dob 10th May 1879 at Caversham, father was civil engineer, privately educated, starts work with GWR as a clerk at Paddington on 04/03/1895. Was Secretary to GM GWR on enlistment. Disembarks Salonika 14/01/1917, to RTS on 28th Jan, 1917 attached to 19 ROC., to be RTO on 1st Feb, 1917 appt RTO Class GG on 19/11/1918, to be Capt. as OC of “X” ROC, on 3rd December 1918, attached from 217 ROC to RTS to be RTO at Dudular, on 8th March, 1919, appointed RTO Class FF from Cmdg 217 Coy vice Temp Capt. C.N. Mansfield on 1st April 1919, attached for duty Impetigo on 14th June 1919, sails for Taranto from Chanak on 7th July 1919 on leave, Medal for Military Merit, 4th Class (Greek) [LG 31659, page 14640, dated 25/11/1919] Temp Capt. War Office as RTO Class HH, dated 04/01/1917, dies Torquay, 19th May, 1965 widow Violet Grace. Unit last served with was 217 ROC as OC.

Bleeck, Erlysman, MID [LG 31385, page 7219, dated 03/06/1919] WO339/94445
dob 10th June, 1877 Warminster, Baptised 17/07/1877 son of Charles Albert and Fanny Emma neé Heath, a solicitor of Warminster, Wilts, educ. Clifton College 1890-1895, and Cooper’s Hill 1895-1898, marries Winifred May Keeley, Sept, 1926 at Brentford, 1 s , 1 d, dies Dec. 1950 in Thanet, commenced work on Burma Railways in 1898, was District Engineer on applying for commission, three years construction experience on heavy hill line 1899-1902, rest of service in charge of open line including PW, bridges and buildings etc., length of district 200-300 miles. 2nd Lt in Burma Railway Volunteer Corps Sept 1914., commissioned 26th March, 1917, discharged 14th Feb, 1919, relinquishes commission on 30/09/1920 when serving with Burma Railway Bn. Address was care of Officiating Chief Engineer Burma Railways in April 1920

Bloomfield E. W.
CofE, 32 years old when admitted to 31 CCS on 28/09/1916, evacuated on 29/09/1916 on sick convoy.

Bobby A. Stanley, R.E, MID [LG 31152, page 1477, dated 28/01/1919]
Dob 1890. d 2 when travelling to Colombo August, 1925 Mechanical Engineer on Ceylon Govt Railways, wife’s initials LA

Brierley, Norman Howorth, R.E. WO339/17181
Born 9th Feb 1879, son of Abraham (cotton manufacturer) and Mary T, Rochdale, Lancs, educ. Sedbergh, commissioned 2nd Cheshire Royal Engineer Railway Volunteers in 1899, South Africa with 47th Coy, RE from March 1901 to Dec 1902 as Lt. resigned from Volunteers on 23rd Jan, 1908 as Capt., on leaving employ of LNWR, went to Argentine in 1908, locomotive engineer on Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway, returns to UK in Dec 1914 taking charge of all the recruits onboard S.S. Alcantara. Injured by bomb from Zeppelin and subsequent gas gangrene, on 1st Feb 1916 at Salonika, sent home via Malta on sick leave, was ADRT Haida Pasha when sent for demobilisation.

Brown, David Herbert? WO374/9662

Brown, Donald MacDonald WO374/9666 checked 12052018
Dob 18th June, 1884 at Dundee, wife was Lysle Mary Scott, was living in Edmonton, Ontario when enlisted, on 15th Nov, 1916, Transferred from Canadian Engineers as Temp Lt. 11th Oct, 1917. Rly Troops Longmoor 20th Oct, 1917. Embarked for Salonika on 20th Nov, 1917 arrives Salonika 10th Dec, 1917, posted to 117 Coy 14th Dec, 1917, A/Capt. 30th Oct, 1918. Posted to 270 Coy 22nd March 1919, to hospital 5th May, 1919, hospital ship to UK on 8th May, 1919, last served with 270 Coy RE, arrives UK 19th May, 1919 hospital and sick leave to 31st August, 1919, awaiting demob until 3rd Nov 1919, relinquish commission on 3rd Nov 1919. He had been sent home with a broken left arm, fractured on 2nd May, 1919, after falling from a horse.

Brown, Edward Fletcher, WO 374/9681
Born 12 Dec 1892 Ringwood, Hants, father deceased by time he enlisted mother was Mrs G.P. Brown. educ. Sherborne School, Dorset and Durham University, had served a full apprenticeship with the North Eastern railway and was a trained loco engineer. ROD asked that he be released from the Infantry Officer Cadet School as they needed technical officers, enlisted on 5th Jan, 1915 into 17th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, transferred to RE on 16th March, 1916, into 12th Section, C Special Coy, RE, serving in France as a Cpl on 16/03/1916, then commissioned, possible death Hincaster, Westmoreland on 13th December 1965

Brown, James Carleton, OBE , MID [LG 30404, page 12481, date 27/11/1917; LG 31385, page 7219, date 03/06/1919]
Dob 03/10/1888, St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, s of David Wood Brown (Civil Engineer) and Alice Burton Abbot. Educ. University of New Brunswick, had 8 years’ experience on Canadian Rlys. Had been serving in 74th Bn of the Militia and agreed to serve in the Overseas Expeditionary Force on 18/05/1918, transferred from CEF to RE 05/11/1915, from 5th Nov, 1915 to 30th May 1916 in UK, on 30th May embarks for France until 18th August and arrives Salonika 7th Sept 1916 and served on Army of Black Sea as Superintendent of Works on Anatolian Rly, until discharged, he was considered for a permanent commission [Both Rhodes and Douglas recommended him] after the war but did not come within the conditions laid down. It did not say what the conditions were. marries Mildred Bolton Todd, St Stephen Charlotte, New Brunswick, 12/10/1921, released from service 14th Nov, 1921. Last unit M.O. and C.S. Anatolian Rlys. WO339/45597

Burt-Andrews, Charles, General List, MID WO374/1772 [LG 30740, page 6918, dated 07/06/1918 LG 31352, page 1477, dated 28/01/1919 RE rather than General List at this time]
Dob 1878, married and engineer in civil live, April 1918, T/Capt. Pay Department, SADF, was transferred to RE. wife was Marie, , was mobilised at Johannesburg on 8th August, 1914 in SAEC, served in the GSWA campaign, [No mention of him in Collins Report on SAEC, or The Railway Regiment History] came to UK with 1st SA Contingent in Sept 1915 General List, RTO Class GG, [Staff Lt 2nd Class] date 23/10/1916, as temp Capt RE 11th Oct 1917, demobilised 31st Dec, 1919, relinquishes commission and appointed Major 1st Jan 1920.

Buswell Frank. MID WO339/68264 [MID as for Bobby]
dob 12th Nov, 1884 at Earls Barton, father a boot manufacturer, Educ. Wellington Grammar School, Railway Storekeeper in civil life before enlisting. Dies 10th December,1967. pensionable disabilities, neurasthenia following injury to back. Injured on 1st July 1918 when thrown out of a trolley and trolley hit him in the back. Widow Mrs Elsie Susan Buswell of 5 New Street, Earls Barton, Northampton, married 13/01/1906, commissioned 18th August, 1916, relinquished commission 17/09/1919, gave motor engineer as profession on joining. Applied for Officers Emergency Reserve on 23 Nov, 1939 and was accepted, to be struck of for age in Nov 1943.

Chitty Charles Ambrose WO374/13576
Born 11st May 1888, discharged 20/04/1920. Educ. Polytechnic School, Regent St, London, sails from Southampton on 17th Sept, 1917, reaches Salonika on 6th Nov, 1917. Into hospital 4 days after; landing, posted to 19 ROC on 20th Feb, 1918, to hospital with a venereal sore on 4th April, 1918, in and out of hospital during 1918. On 14th Jan, 1919 to be RTO Class HH, on 1st Feb, 1919 posted to RTS No. 1, appointed RTO Class GG HQ Mil Operating and Control Staff Anatolian Rlys, on 1st April, 1919, July 1919 embarks Chanak for Taranto. 30th August 1919 becomes District Traffic Superintendent and Capt. Leaves Constantinople on 14th April 1920 for demob. Had served in TF 9th County of London Regt from 1909 – 1913 reaching rank of L/Cpl. Worked on LNWR in office of Superintendent of the Line at Euston. Father was also Charles and a rly official.

Chitty Edward Charles WO339/74402

Clark, Ernest WO374/13993
Dob 26th Feb, 1885 at Madeley, Salop, father was a retired mining engineer, educ. Wellington College Salop and University of Liverpool, BEng, Assistant waterworks Engineer, Oldham Corp. Enlisted 1st Cheshire R.E. (V) Nov 5th 1908 as 2nd Lt, had resigned as had left district and could not travel to drill nights, elected A.M.I.C.E. Dec 6th 1910, attested into the West Riding Regt on 7th Dec 1915, commissioned 7th Oct, 1916, married Edith Mabel Denson on 4th August, 1914 at Chester, one child born the following Feb.

Clark, Edmund Alfred WO339/103754
Not convinced that he is Edmund Alfred, probably just Edmund as there is Edwin Alfred Clarke in EEF. Was commissioned from Sgt at Longmoor, dob 25th April, 1889 at Widnes, father was a railway inspector. Educ. St. John The Baptist at Penistone., occupation Relief Stationmaster. The Acting Superintendent of the Line for the Great Central Railway wrote in support of his being commissioned saying that he had joined the GCR on 4th Oct, 1903 and worked there until 29th Jan, 1916 when he joined the Army. He had been a Relief Stationmaster for almost three years. Commissioned 1st May, 1917, wife was Marion Clark. Sir Francis Dent was also asked for his opinion on commissioning a Traffic Man and pointed out that he had previously said that it would be necessary. Leaves Southampton on 12th Oct, 1918 arrives Salonika on 2nd Nov, 1918 and is posted to 19th ROC. Posted to 217 ROC on 11th Jan, 1919, on 29th March, 1919 posted to MO and CS Anatolian Rly, appointed RTO Class HH on 1st April, 1919, sails from Chanak on 28th Oct 1919 for demob.

Close, Arthur Melvill AMICE WO374/14347
3rd son of Douglas Richmond and Isabella, born Seaton 16th Dec, 1882, educ. Devonport High School, Weymouth and Coopers Hill, Royal Indian Engineering College, in 1902 Student member of I.C.E., in 1903 joined Roads and Buildings Branch PWD of India, as Assistant Engineer employed on construction of Cadet Corps Buildings for Indian Drivers at Dehra Dun. In 1904 transferred to Irrigation Branch, employed on survey and construction of Kea Canal and its distributaries at Banda. In 1905 employed on Famine Relief work on the construction of many earth dams for the conservation of rainwater in Banda District. In 1906 held many subdivisions of the Upper Ganges Canal. In 1910, proceeded to Chile and took up position of surveyor on the Northern Longitudinal Railway of Chile, checking and running several hundreds of kilometres of locations both old and new. In 1911 took up a position as a surveyor on the Lebu a Los Sauces Rly, then as Civil Engineer to the Lautaro Nitrate Company, Taltal, where engaged on land plans design of Nitrate Company Offices, and survey construction and maintenance of railways. Left Valparaiso Chile on 26th April, 1915 having been held up there for two weeks by an avalanche on the Transandine Railway to Buenos Ayres Arrives in Liverpool on 25th May, 1915 on the Darro of Royal Mail Steam Packet Coy. Commissioned 16th June, 1915, sent to Gallipoli as Works Officer from 13th September, 1915 at Anzac Cove, engaged on construction of pile piers and narrow gauge railway sidings, hospitalised at Alexandria a week before the evacuation, then to 14th Army Troops Coy., at Serapeum, where engaged on water supply and fortifications of Suez Canal Defences, to 117 Coy in May, 1916, in Salonika engaged amongst other items in construction of 600-ft pile bridge over the River Galiko, leave to India 27th August, 1918 on SS San Andres, torpedoed on 2nd Sept 60 miles off Port Said, on conclusion of leave sent to Mesopotamia, working in Irrigation Dept at Amara from 11th Nov. 1918, working on Flood Defences of the river Tigris, transferred to Railways on 1st March, 1919. [] Constructed Gurmat Ali Canal, held Gurmat Ali subdivision including maintenance of Gurmat Ali Floating Bridge across the Euphrates, and later in command of Engineering Workshops, Makinah. Demobilised 27th Oct 1920, joins Beira and Mashonaland railways in Jan. 1921 as a surveyor and employed on deviation work. in 1926 working at Marandellas on Beira and Mashonaland Rly. Elected Associate I.C.E., in 1924, Marries at Roorkee, Bengal, Mary Josephine Plunkett on 4th July, 1909, 2 sons
Appears to have emigrated to Rhodesia and stayed there in Umtali area, wife and at least one son died there.

Cooper-Smith, Edward James, RFA WO339/16531
dob 27th Nov, 1876, married with 2 children on enlistment, living in Leamington, commissioned from ranks, served HAC Battalion of City Imperial Volunteers in Boer war from 1900-1902. told to relinquish his commission on 3rd Feb, 1919 due to ill-health, recurrent malaria, however it seems in early 1918 there were questions about his suitability as an officer, alright under supervision, no initiative. Nothing to suggest his employment with railways, many admittances to hospital.

Crawford, Walter Coulton WO339/88542
born 9th Oct 1883, educ. Dane Hill, Margate, Pembroke College BA Mech Science (Cantab), AMICE, had previously served in Cambridge University Rifle Corps from 1901-04. Civil engineer in civil life, commissioned 2nd Lt 5th March, 1917, to 200 Coy 24th April 1917 as Lt. Rly Troops, Lt 5th Sept 1918, discharged in 1919. Died in Uganda in late 1926 early 1927. Widow was Mildred Irene Crawford of Shibbington, Hants.
1904-07 GWR
1907-08 Assistant to Rest Engineer GWR construction of Birmingham to N Warwick Rly
1908-09 Assistant to Divisional Engineer, Plymouth Maintenance Depot P. Way New Works.
1909-1914 Ceylon Government Railway, Assistant Engineer construction in charge of section of 16 miles all work except laying track for 2 years, then Engineer-in-Chief of Platelaying all tracklaying and maintenance erection of bridges 1.5 years then Section Asst Engineer in charge Head Office during absence of Chief Engineer also section of 16 miles and in charge of all construction,
1914-1916 District Engineer on Nigerian Eastern Rly
Went to East Africa after the war for health reasons, requested early discharge so that he could follow medical advice and live for several years in a hot climate. He had contacted malaria whilst on service in Ceylon in 1910, this was a severe attack and he was laid up for a month in the jungle, and had recurrent attacks ever since, it was brought on by the cold, these were severe attacks he was in hospital for 6 weeks at one stage, sent into the mountains in Oct 1917, cold started malaria attacks and he could only do office work, invalided home under Y Scheme, went to France in July 1918 and joined 10th Rly Coy, came home on leave in Dec 1918 and into hospital, he applied to be repatriated to East Africa as he had a wife and two children to provide for.

Curtis, Henry Edward
dob 24/02/1889, baptised at Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire, born at Barge Inn, Honey Street (Wharf) Stanton, Wiltshire, 22/03/1889, son of George Edward (innkeeper) and Fanny Curtis neé Swanye, of Willowmead, Cranleigh, Surrey [WO 339/38581]. KIA (drowned) on 21st Feb 1917,[PRINCESS ALBERTA, fleet messenger, lost February 21, 1917, Mediterranean see]. He had joined the Surrey Imperial Yeomanry on 31st May, 1906 and left on 31st May, 1910, obtaining the rank of Lance-Corporal. He had been an Assistant Engineer on Railway Construction in Queensland from 1912-1915 and was an Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He undertook preliminary military training as a member of London University OTC before he was commissioned. Civil engineering student in 1911 census A note in his file in WO339/38581 states that he was on board the Transport Princess Albert when she was torpedoed off Mudros on 21st/22nd February. The boat sank within 3 minutes and most officers were in their cabins when the explosion occurred. The file also states that he had previously served in 8th Bn Ox and Bucks Light Infantry(Pioneers). PRINCESS ALBERTA, Admiralty fleet messenger, 21 February 1917, Aegean Sea - 1,586grt, built 1905, Glasgow-reg, M Langlands & Sons, hired around 4/10/15, Pendant No.Y4.58, Lt Donald Cowan RNR, sailing Stavros for Mudros and Salonika with naval stores and 79 personnel. Mined under her bows at 0645, laid by UC.23 (Johannes Kirchner), sank in under five minutes in Mudros Bay, Lemnos island (L - in 39.45N, 25E; He - about 3 miles S of Cape Tigani, 12 miles W of Kombi), three boats got away but one capsized; 1 officer, 11 ratings, 21 MMR lost (H/J/L/Lr/C/Cn/D/He/dk/te/un; ADM.137/3378;


Douglas, Percy Gordon, M.C. MID [LG 30450, dated 28/12/1917, page 35, New Years Honours List 01/01/1918; LG 31385 page 7216 dated 03/06/1919, for service between 01/10/1918 – 01/03/1919; LG 30196 20/07/1917 page 7450 Milnes Despatch]
Born 4th quarter, 1884 in Leamington Prior, Warwick 2nd son of William Douglas (GP) (born Belfast) and Anna Marie (born Canada). Educ. Cornell University, 1902-06, Civil Engineering, dies at the Government Hospital, Haifa 21/08/1941 of a heart attack, leaves widow Marguerite Stephanie and 2 children Marguerite and Forester, in employ of Iraqi Petroleum Company, home address was Crowborough, Medaille d’Honneur avec Glaives en Vermeil [Edinburgh Gazette 13477, page 2475, dated 23rd July 1919, Temp Major and Temp Lt-Col at time] No results found at PRO possibly because he served after 1921.

Elgood, William Nelson, M.C. MID [Edinburgh Gazette 17 Jan 1916, issue 12894, page 101 see also LG Supplement 29438 page 538, dated 11th Jan 1916; LG 29422, Page 4, 21/12/15 in France, LG Supplement see also 31908, page 5706, dated 18th May, 1920 for Army of the Black Sea] BSc.
Born 21st Dec 1889, born Norwood, eldest son of William Alsager (bank clerk) and Alice Maud Nelson. commissioned 2nd Lt 29/10/1914 [LG Supplement 28945, page 8734, 27/10/1914], Lt 11/07/1915 [LG Supplement 29226 page 6800, dated 9th July 1915], to Capt. 26/04/1918 [ LG Supplement No. 30751 page 7184, 14/06/1918 backdated to 01/07/1918 in LG 30916 dated 20th Sept 1918 page 11326], Acting Major [LG supplement 31858 page 4312 dated 9th April 1920 date of acting rank 15th Feb, 1920] Relinquishes commission on 30th Nov, 1920 and granted rank of Major, [LG Supplement 32246, page 1778, dated 1st March, 1921] Major 28/05/1921, to RAF? BSc., Reserve of Officers, [LG Supplement 32669, page 3005, dated 11/04/1922 seniority 28th May, 1921 dated on 30th Jan 1922] re-joined as Major 24/08/1939 then Temp Lt.-Col WW2 01/06/44 Railway Branch?, Army Number 48039 reached age limit for recall retires and granted Hon rank of Lt.-Col 29th Sept, 1946 [LG Supplement 37742 page 4893 dated 27th Sept, 1946] served with 69 Fd Coy RE in France 31/05/1915, died 2 quarter 1971 in Brighton living in Peters Court, Portchester Road, Paddington in 1965 with Dorothy Mary Maud and Mary Elgood. No file found in PRO, presumably as he served in WW2

Emerson, J E

John Edwards ex Lincs WO374/22732? No seen 180602

Finley, Horace Martin WO339/108170
Born 4th quarter 1862, in Wolverhampton father Alfred George Frederick Finley, marries Sarah Jane Cadwallader 4th Dec, 1885 at St. Peters, Hackney,
Arrives Liverpool from Montevideo with Sarah Jane Finley on SS Araguaya on 27th April, 1917 address given as River Plate House, Finsbury Circus, profession civil engineer, dies 01/02/1943 in Wolverhampton, 1 son, discharged 2nd Oct 1919, father was an artist, gives year of birth as 1864 when applying for a commission, commissioned 21st May, 1917 educ. Wolverhampton School 1874-1881, four years apprenticed to GWR, three years in private drawing office, 12 year in business for himself four years as Assistant to Chief Engineer Paraguay Central Rly, Construction and Maintenance, 2 years as draughtsman (Ways and Works) Great Southern Rly Buenos Aires, One year Assistant Engineer Buenos Aires Southern Docks, two years District Engineer Constructing Engineer, Rly not given, 6 years as District Engineer Uruguay Central Rly.

Ford P.R.
Not Percy George WO339/138075 seen 180602

Fountain, William Henry WO339/29606
born 11th July 1871, in London, Ontario, Canada, had served as District Engineer on Nigerian Govt Rlys 1907-09, when commissioned was a Sergeant in 2nd Reserve Regt of Cavalry, had TA experience as Sgt in 2nd Dragoon Guards for 8 years, married Freda Clare Topham at Brompton Oratory on 11th Feb, 1911, 1s at time of Commission, he was invalided from Salonika on 2nd December, 1917, embarked for UK on 24th December, 1917 on Glenark Castle, arrived at Avonmouth on 6th Feb, 1918 and went to the Officers Convalescent Hospital at Totnes, civil engineer in life, had been articled in Dublin, after being discharged from hospital went to Longmoor and then did duty at R.E. Records, Transportation Branch Tavistock Sq. In May 1918 it was proposed that he be Officer i/c The School at Longmoor.

Geddie, James, acting Major WO339/93523 MID [As for Bobby]
Discharged as Acting Major 13th Nov 1919, born Edinburgh 21st July, 1879, son of John Geddie and Isabella Cecilia neé Young. Educ. Daniel Stewart College and Heriot Watt College Edinburgh, he had been apprenticed to James Young and Son and then to John Best both of Edinburgh. August 1897-Sept 1899 contractors engineer with Young on Talla Reservoir, then with Best on same reservoir Leith New (Imperial) Dock and Falkirk Reservoir until Mar 1902. He had worked for May 1902-Jan 1909 6.5 years on Natal Government Rly on survey and construction work, from Feb-Mar 1907 with Hume Scott and Hume Contractors, Buenos Aires on Canal from Buenos Aires to Rosario, April 1909 – Jan 19911 6 years on Ferro-Carril Central de Cordoba on construction work and Jan 1911-July 1915, latterly as Sectional Engineer, then 1.25 years as Assistant to Rly Engineer, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. From 13th Feb 1896 – 20th Dec 1897 he had served with 2 RVB. (RS) and had 2.5 months active service in the Natal Native Rebellion as Trooper in Weenen County Reserves in 1906, last unit served with was Anatolian Rlys. Discharged as Acting Major 13th Nov 1919, dies 25th November, 1944, Middlesborough.

FREDERICK DAWSON HAMMOND was the son of Colonel Frederick Hammond, C.B., of the 5th Punjab Cavalry, was born on I0th November, 1881 and died on 29th November, I952.
Educated at Temple Grove, Eton, where he was a King’s Scholar, and the R.M.A., Woolwich he was commissioned in the Royal Engineers on 2nd May, I900. After his initial engineer training at the School of Military Engineering he attended a short course of mechanical engineering with the Midland Railway. He was then posted to South Africa and remained there after the war with the 47th Fortress Company. R.E. He returned to the U.K. in 1906 and was posted to the 29th Fortress Company, R.E. at Chatham. In 1908 he started work on the Baro-Kano Railway in Nigeria under Sir Percy in South Africa and was always proud of the fact that Sir Percy had personally offered him the work on the Baro-Kano Railway. He oversaw the Locomotives and Workshops. He then came home and, realizing the importance of transport in any future war, was seconded to one of the British railways. He went to France in 1914 as an Assistant Director of Railway Transport. At the end of 1915 he went to the newly formed British Salonika Force as Director of Railways. After setting up the railway construction, transportation and movement organization, he went to the Inter-Allied Communications Commission in France, and in 1919 became head of the Railway Mission to Poland, followed by the post of Director of Communications, Upper Silesia. By then he was known in many circles and after the war, Sir Henry Thornton put forward General Hammond's name to Lord Milner, who appointed him Special Commissioner for Railways in the East African Dependencies in 1921. He inspected and reported on the Gold Coast Railways, the Sierra Leone Railways in 1922, the Nigerian Railways in 1924, also the transport problem of Jamaica. In 1926, he was commissioned by the Government of Southern Rhodesia to report on the finance and administration of the Rhodesian Railways' system. In 1927 he wrote a Report on the Nyasaland Railways and proposed Zambesi bridge. These reports are models of their kind. Unlike so many, the recommendations in them were carried out. He inspected and reported on the Iraq Railways in 1926-27, and in I935 General Hammond accepted the invitation of the Chinese Government to examine and advise on the organization of the Chinese Railway system. He was on the boards of the Rhodesia Railways Limited, and of the Mashonaland, Trans-Zambesia and Beira Railway Companies. He was also a Member of the Overseas Mechanical Transport Directing Committee and the Committee of the Ross Institute for Tropical Diseases. In 1937, he was appointed to the board of the Central Uruguay Company of Monte Video and in I939 he was elected Chairman of the Company and of the North Western of Uruguay Railway Co. Ltd., which chairmanship he held until the sale of the railways to the Uruguayan Government in I949. He was an acknowledged expert on railway organization and finance and for years was Adviser to the Colonial Office on such matters. He also reported to the Government of India on the statutory control of railways.

Henderson, John Guy, R.G.A. M.C. [Gazette Issue 30135. M.C. His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to confer the Military Cross in recognition of his gallantry and devotion to duty in the Field. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He has done consistent good work over a long period. He has at all times set a splendid example under heavy shelling, and his work has been of the greatest value to the men of his battery. 15th June, 1917.]
Order of the White Eagle 4th Class, Order of the White Eagle Officer. No records found at PRO, son of John Henderson, (doctor) born Wakefield 09/05/1895, educ. Cheltenham, marries Violet Loo Halliday Morley at St. Saviours, Paddington on 19/10/1918 Henry M.A.
Discharged 16th July 1921, went to Poland to join a special Rly Mission on 21st April, 1919, was attached to Canadian Rly Troops, Purfleet by Oct 1918, son of Donald M Henry of Whithorn, Wigtownshire, educ. George Watson College and Edinburgh University, AMICE? Apprenticed to G Samuel Carfone of Edinburgh for 4 years had worked as an Assistant Engineer on Caledonian Rly on renewal and reconstruction of PW in Central District then 2.5 years as Assistant Engineer with CR on New Works, under William Paterson Chief Engineer CR. 26 on 18 Sept 1917, when discharged from 28 General Hospital, admitted on 11/09/1917. For malaria recurrent to Officers Convalescent Home Karakoy, 25 when admitted to 28 General Hospital on 14/06/1917 for contusion to left hand, discharged next day 1yr 8 months service, 13 months with BSF, seniority date 16/10/1915

Malcolm A WO339/133301

Jackson, 270 Coy
Not Henry James WO339/74383 who was IWT RE Construction in France

Kendell, or Kendall, Ramsay George, M.B.E. [LG 664 dated 14/01/1920]
To 60th General Hospital on 22/04/1918 for general debility, post malarial, serving with 19 ROC at time, 31 years old so dob 1885, acting Major when MBE., commissioned into RA on 12/02/1915, no trace in PRO

Kerridge, Douglas, Assoc IEE WO339/75850
discharged 15th April 1919, electrical engineer in civil life, born 1884 in London father had been a merchant and was deceased when Kerridge enlisted, had been temporary Sgt Bengal Nagpur Volunteer Rifles on commissioning on 18th Oct 1916, joined BNVR on 10 Feb, 1911, educ. Bishop Stortford College, electrical engineer with BNR at Kharagpur, went to BNR in 1910 to take up an appointment as Electrical Engineer at Calcutta, in 1914 was appointed as Assistant Superintendent of the Electrical Branch, was Assoc IEE, wife name Olive

Ketchell, Ernest Robert AMICE? WO339/92515
born Norbury, Surrey, 19th Oct, 1879, baptised 04/04/1880, son of Robert and Eliza (motor car driver) according to Marriage cert he is a Vet, educ. Science and Art School, Brighton, Kings College London, died June 1950 in Battersea, married 14/06/1919, Merton, St Mary, Surrey to Irene Morian Shipp (widow) discharged 8th May, 1919, returned from Murmansk on 10th Feb, 1919 due to ill-health, commissioned 2nd March, 1917, his CV on commissioning said he had worked with Sir John Wolfe Barry and A.J. Barry for 17 years, employed on location work and survey work project preparation, estimates designs for rlys and Docks, rly construction, concrete work and design, from end of 1909 to March 1914 was Chief Engineer in Russia in charge of survey work, 3,000 kms of survey in Caucasus, full plans estimates and calcs for pumping machinery for Oil pipeline, then constructed 120 kms with native labour under sole control, in Sept 1915 went to Russia as Division Engineer on construction of Murman Rly to the Kola Inlet, had charge of two sections and carried out work solely with Russian labour. From Dec 1914 to Sept 1915 served with Red Cross Ambulance Unit in France.

Kirkness, Lewis Hawker, Lt-Col., C.I.E., O.B.E., D.S.O., V.D., MID [LG 6949, dated 03/06/1919 in Balkans; LG 23 dated 01/01/1918 New Years Honours List; Volunteer Officers Decoration; LG 31385, page 7216 dated 03 June 1919 for period 1st Oct 1918 to 1st March 1919 total of 4 MID]
Born Kingston 4 quarter 1881, Baptised 1st Jan, 1882, St Mary’s Wimbledon, youngest son of Capt. William Kirkness [dies 1907 4 daughters and 4 sons? Son William R, James L.S., John J, daughters Christabel E.K. Mary C.S., Emily G.W. Dorothy S, ] of Falmouth and Haslemere, who was a Retired Mariner Manager & Agent to Bookmaker, mother Emily Symons Soltau, d of Wm F Soltau and Mary Anne Hawker. Educ. St John’s College, Cambridge, 1901 [The War List of the University of Cambridge. Edited by G.V. Carey, M.A. Cambridge, University Press, 1921, this is the date he entered Cambridge] Marries Idonea Frances Armstrong d. of James Armstrong, solicitor, at St Mary’s Parish Church, Paddington on 10th Feb, 1917, living in Haslemere when married. Dies in a London Nursing Home on 24 Jan 1950, Probate record says of Little Kenwyn, Liphook, died at 22 St. Edmunds Terrace, London NW8 effects £28,252 0s 11d
Was in India prior to WW1 and a Lt. in Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway Rifles in 1912
Commissioned from Sgt as Temp Lt for service in the field see LG Supplement 29112, page 2958, dated 23rd March, 1915 effective 26th Feb, 1915 from Lahore Divisional Signals Coy,
Appointed R.T.O. when temp Lt see LG 29113, page 2985, dated 26th March, 1915, effective 27th Feb, 1915. Promoted Temp Capt. as RTO. [LG Supplement 29315, page 9741, dated 1st October, 1915, effective 17th July, 1915] Headquarters of Administrative Services and Departments, Deputy Assistant Director of Railways, Transport. Graded for purposes of pay as a Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General. Temp Capt. L.H. Kirkness, General List. Dated 1st November, 1915. [LG Supplement 29315, page 9741, dated 1st October, 1915, effective 17th July, 1915] Indian State Railways joined service 15th August, 1929, directed to establish Rly Board Dec. 1932 Secretary Feb 1933

Foreign Orders and Decorations
Order of the White Eagle, Serbia
4th Class (Czechoslovakia) Order of the White Eagle
5th Class(Serbia) Greek Medal for Military Merit
C.I.E. King’s Birthday Honours, 1936 when Secretary of Railway Board, India.[Check Who Was Who in British India, Riddick, J.F. Greenwood Press, 1998, Westport CT]

Lamb, David Ritchie WO339/46073
RTO Class FF War Office born 1st Oct 1887, worked in General Manager Dept G.C.R. Marylebone, had served in Berkshire Yeomanry from 11th Feb 1909 to 23 Sept 1911 and resigned due to work circumstances, commissioned into Army Ordnance Corps, railway official in life, married when discharged, wife was Maud Mary, posted to 32 ROC on 18th 1 1917, unable to return to Salonika on expiry of leave on 28th Nov, 1918 due to medical unfitness and was struck off strength of the BSF from 28th Nov, 1918. Had suffered from recurrent malaria in 1918, applied to be released from Army on 8th Jan 1919 as there was an appointment for him on the personal staff of Sir Sam Fay.

Lewis, George Rice Trevor WO374/41968
DOB 31st Dec 1894 son of Elizabeth Thomas, Merthyr Tydfil educ. Mountain Ash County School and evening classes at Cardiff University College. Served in the Rifle Brigade 4/09/1914-29/01/1918, commissioned 2nd Lt Welch Regt 30th Jan 1918 to Machine Gun Corps 22nd April 1918, to RE 27th Dec, 1918 Acting Capt. 15th March, 1919, to 10th May 1920, released 4th July 1920, last Unit MO and CS Anatolian Rlys. Applied to join Colonial Service in 1926

Lowry, Francis Bernard MID WO339/85123
Served BSF Sept 1917 to March 1919 then ABS March 1919 to Nov 1920. Dob 31st May 1894 at Derby, father had been in railway service, educ. Canal St. Higher Grade School Derby, was rly clerk (Control Dept) of MR letter for GOC Army of the Black Sea on 17th Nov 1921 states that Lowry was one of the 5 officers demobilised locally and that they had been employed in a civil capacity from 15th Nov 1921. Includes JC Brown, Clive Mansfield Turner, Robert Kendrick Cornish Bowden, Wilfred Sharp.

MacIver, Charles Ronald WO339/49167
born Bromborough, Cheshire 1890 to Charles (Shipowner) and Charlotte E, enrolled at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1910, W in Cambridge War List, indicating that he was wounded twice with 2 wound fatal, wounded in Rly Collison at Maricourt on 31st July, 1916, seniority date 1/10/1914, first to 109 Rly Construction Coy in France, 25th Dec, 1914, then Works Superintendent No. 2, Black Sea Troops Sir Francis Dent pushed for his release in November 1918, had been in SECR service before the war, had been back in UK after France worked on Military Camp Railways and was sent to BSF, however, he had been employed on construction work for Western Command since about the June of 1917 at Kinmel Park, Prees Heath and Oswestry and there were no officers spare to replace him. Had been suffered from nervousness which began in action about Jan 1916.

Macartney-Filgate, Dermot Lowther Noel[Decorations conferred by His Majesty The King of the Hellenes, LG Supplement 9th April, 1920 page 4227, Greek Military Cross, 3rd Class; Decorations Conferred by His Majesty, The King of Italy, LG Supplement 31736, page 705 dated 13th Jan, 1920 croce di guerra; Has BWM, VM in RE Medal Rolls, MID in supplement to LG, 30th Jan, 1919 page 1477]
. the son of Townley Patten Hume Macartney-Filgate, J.P., and Tryphena Elizabeth Fitzgerald, of Lowther Lodge, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. D.o.b. 25th December, 1880, dies 17th March, 1957. Married Aphra Jane Bennett, 2 d. according to the LNWR Records joined LNWR as a Premium Apprentice on 17th Oct, 1899. On 30th August, 1902 he is transferred from ? Dept of LNWR to Traffic Department, after 2 years and 11 months, at that time he was 21 years and 9 months old. Serving as a Premium Apprentice, At some stage he leaves the LNWR and joins the Gold Coast Railways, Sails from Liverpool for Sekondi on 19th November, 1904, on SS Jebba of Elder-Dempster Lines, arrives Liverpool on 24th March, 1906 on African Steamships Co, SS Karina, from Sekondi, arrives Liverpool from Sekondi on 30th Sept, 1907 on Elder Dempster Lines SS Fantee, there is a W.L.N. sailing from Liverpool on Africa SS Co. SS Tarquah for Sekondi on 1st Feb 1908, Possibly arrives back at Liverpool on 10th Sept, 1910 on board SS Tarquah, Elder-Dempster Lines, from Sekondi, leaves Liverpool for Sekondi on 25th Jan, 1911 on British and African Steam Navigation Co. Td SS Burutu, leaves Liverpool for Sekondi on 17th Jan, 1912 on African Steamships SS Mandingo, arrives Liverpool from Sekondi on 7th Feb, 1913 on Elder Dempster Lines SS Doktor, CME of Gold Coast Railway? []
disembarks as 2nd Lt in theatre 2b (Suvla Bay) on 4th August, 1915 in 5th Bn Royal Irish Regt. MIC gives address as Lowtherstone or perhaps Lowther Lodge, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, MIC records service in Gallipoli, Salonika and Army of Black Sea, T/Maj at end, entitled to 1915 Star, BWM, VM. He reported for duty with 33rd Light Railway Operating Coy, R.E. on 18th Sept, 1917, in December, 1918 he was A/Capt. and OC. On 3rd Jan, 1919 he was posted to Railway Traffic Section No. 2. The HQ was at Sofia with detachments at Batum, and Smyrna

Mansfield, Charles Newton General List WO339/78738
dob 30th Oct 1885 at Milford near Derby, father was Chief Ledger Clerk, Midland Rly, educ. Gerald St Derby and Duffield Boys, Duffield. Was District Mineral Agent for MR at Manchester, enlisted 14th Sept 1915 embarked for Salonika 16th Nov 1915, RTS Salonika a/l/Cpl 26/12/1915, a/2nd Cpl 27/12/1915, a/Cpl 28/12/1915, A/Sgt 6/04/1916 A/CSM with 19th Sect ROD 6th Nov 1916, commissioned 21st Dec 1916, last served with Anatolian Rlys discharged 5th Jul 1920, discharged 6th July 1920 with rank of Major.

Marshall, Charles Henry MID WO339/98981
dob 2nd December, 1877 at Sydenham, father was a sheep farmer in Australia, educ. Rugby School and Crystal Palace Engineering School, enlisted into RE ROD and IWT on 25th April, 1916 aged 38 years and 4 months, trade was surveyor/draughtsman, had married Jessie Miriam Annette Richardson at St Marylebone London on 18th Jan, 1902.
1893-1895 Crystal Palace Engineering School, 1895-1896 Pupil in shops at British Electrical Engineering Coy, 1896-1897 Kincaid Walker and Manville draughtsman, 1897-1898 D. Shanks assistant engineer on construction of York and Darlington widenings of NER, 1899, SLGR assistant engineer on Rly construction, 1900 Akinassi Syndicate surveyor to prospecting expedition in Gold Coast and Ashanti, 1901-905 Henry Ough Son and Marshal, Partnership (Engineers and Surveyors) 1905-06 CPR draughtsman in Construction Dept, 1910-19
12 J.G. White and Coy Assistant Engineer in charge of Rly and Tramway Construction in BA, 1913-1916 Anglo-Argentine Tramway Co Assistant Engineer in PW Dept BA construction and maintenance works.
Served in ranks 25th April 1916 to 2nd April 1917, commissioned 2nd Lt 3rd April, 1917, Lt 3rd Oct, 1918, appointed PA to Assistant Director of Railway Construction with Acting Rank of Capt. 30th Oct, 1918, appointed District Superintendent Works 30th April 1919, MID dated 5th June, 1919, ceases to be District Superintendent and loses rank of Capt. 5th July 1919, released 5th July 1919. Was living in the Manor House, Hemingford Abbots Hunts in 1937.

Martin, Arthur Herbert
2nd Lt, dob 5th sept 1868, at Weybridge on Thames, Surrey, baptised at Oatsland, St Mary, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, 01/11/1868, educ. West Anglia, Bury St. Edmunds, died in 28 General Hospital at 00:50 hrs on 05/03/1919, son of late William Henry (plasterer) and Elizabeth Martin of Surrey WO374/46351 dies of GSW to head 19th ROD attached to 107 ROC, 1883-1889 Traffic Superintendent Cape Govt Rly, 1889-1899 commercial experience book keeping etc. 1897-1899 Pauling’s and Co Beira and Rhodesia Rly Construction, 1899-1901 Rly Superintendent (Traffic) Mashonaland Rly Traffic Manager District Traffic Superintendent, 1902-1909 commercial stock exchange, 1909-1910 Pauling’s and Coy, Broken Hill to Congo, 1911-1915 Société Colonial de Construction Traffic Superintendent in Congo, 1915 traffic superintendent rly construction, the construction experience from 1897 to 1913 was with Pauling’s, on the Broken Hill-Elisabethville Line between 1909-1910 and then on the extension of that rly into the Belgian Congo from 1911-1913 1916-1917 commercial book keeping.
The report into his death states that at about 12:30 hrs on 4th March a gunshot was heard and about 10 minutes later Martin’s Maltese servant came to Capt. Barefoot’s room and said that something was wrong with his master. Martin was found lying on his bed with a wound above the right eye, an ambulance arrived 10 minutes later. Martin was in shirt, vest pyjamas and socks, an auto pistol was found on a box beside the bed with 4 live rounds and one discharged, the wound was accidently self-inflicted. Next of Kin was brother Harry George Martin Station Superintendent SAR Kimberley.

Menzies,Robert B, RE WO339/55567
resigns commission on 1st April, 1920 and retains rank of Lt. was living in Calgary when resigns, 34b years 11 months old when medically examined on 12th June, 1915, born in Pitlochry, contractor, joined Royal Scots, commissioned 6th July, 1916, married on enlistment, married to Jean Menzies, neé Emblon, she was living in Winnipeg, 1 s 1 d, on commissioning gave Robert Blair, dob 31st July, 1880, had obtained rank of Cpl before commissioning, educ. George Watsons College, Edin., demobilised 14 Aug, 1919, last unit 117 Coy., seen 180616

Duncan RE WO339/126335 seen 18-616 not man

Duncan McNab WO339/11674

Neville E.V.

Onslow, Guy Clevland WO339/28457
Born 9th January 1884, married on discharge, single when commissioned, living at Midhurst when commissioned, had been employed in NER Offices York before commissioning, last unit MO & CS Anatolian Rlys, discharged 21/04/1920 acting Capt.

Pargiter, George Monk WO339/76429
released 1st Jan, 1920, mechanical engineer, born 1889, caught malaria on 25th Dec, 1918 to Salonika on 4th Jan, 1917 invalided home on 3rd March, 1919, from 33 ROC., dob 25th Fed, 1889 in the Punjab, father was Chief Engineer and Secretary to PWD Punjab, educ. Clarence School, Weston-Super-Mare, working as assistant Loco Foreman on NER at Sunderland, had joined RE as sapper on 25th Feb, 1916, commissioned 6th Nov, 1916. Father was E.H. and he was engaged to Kay Simpson of 1 Sloane Terrace, Rye, had been employed by NER since 2nd June, 1910, dates differ slightly on the two letters from the NER one from head office sates that he entered service as a premium apprentice on 10th June, 1910 at North Road Engine Sheds, had been at the Leeds Shed as a fitter from 31st May to 27th Sept, 1912 on 27th Sept promoted Dynometer Car Inspector, in May, 1913 transferred to Northern Divisional Loco Superintendents Office at Gateshead as Inspector, from 1st June, 1914 to date of enlistment he had been Foreman Mechanic at Sunderland Engine Shed.

Parsons, Joseph William IWT WO339/75078?

Paterson, Gilbert AMICE WO339/105577
MID [LG 31385 page 7219 dated 03/06/1919 released 21st Jan, 1921], enlisted into AS&H on 25th May, 1916, had previously served in BBCI Rly Volunteers, civil engineer, wife was Janet Mackay married her on 6th May, 1916 in Edinburgh, served in France and transferred to Machine Gun Corps, commissioned on 31st July, 1917, suffered GSW to left thigh on 2nd April, 1917, at Ecoust, this caused some confusion as he was not in theory an officer until he joined his Regt, and therefore his commission was not gazetted until 31st July, 1917. Dob 30th August, 1886, educ. Royal High School, Edin., he was supposed to be commissioned in RE Rly Troops in France, his report for commissioning states that he had been apprenticed to NBR for 6.5 years, Great Southern Rly Argentina for 3 years, on survey and construction, BBCI for 3 years maintenance and construction, had had charge of labour, fair knowledge of Railway Construction, experience of railway bridging, through knowledge of survey, 9091-1911 Buenos Aries Great Southern Railway, 1912-1913 NBR on maintenance, 1913-1916 BBCI on maintenance and construction.

Prytherch, Henry Frederick WO339/62100
Dob 17/12/1890, son of Harry James and Emily Ann, dies Bannerdown, Batheaston, Bath 24th Oct 1976, DHSS form gives GSW to foot, as existing condition, had married on 6th Dec, 1947 to Mrs G.A. Bank Clerk in 1911 census, had worked for London Joint Stock Bank before enlisting, Served HAC as 671 Pte, entitled to 1914 Star, shell wound to Right foot, L Knee and left leg on 16th June, 1915 Ypres Salient. Malaria in Salonika, broken toe in right foot and perforated an eardrum during recreational training in Turkey in August, 1920. commissioned 2nd Lt. 06/06/1915, appointed RTO Staff Lt 2nd Class granted pay of lt. 21st June, 1916, A/Capt. 8th July, 1918, relinquish A/Capt. 2nd Sept, 1920 appointed RTO and temp Capt., 2nd Sept, 1920, Class FF, relinquishes RTO and Temp Capt., 13th Nov, 1921, in 1916 on General List, in 1920 as RTO Class FF in Constantinople, released on 14th Nov, 1921

Rhodes, Godfrey Dean, Brigadier-General, Sir, KT, CB, CBE, DSO, K ST J, MICE, M INST T, M (SA) SOC CE MID[LG Fifth Supplement, 30th Jan, 1919, 31152, page 1475, Milnes Despatch covering period from 1st March to 1st October, 1918]
Rhodes was born, in Canada, on 18th July, 1886, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rhodes of Vancouver, British Columbia. He went to school at Trinity College School, Port Hope and then entered the Royal Military College, Kingston, where he became Senior Under Officer, winning the Sword of Honour and the Gold Medal. He was commissioned into the Royal Engineers on 27th June, 1907. During his Junior Officer training at the School of Military Engineering, Chatham, he gained the Silver Haynes Memorial Medal, which was then awarded to the young officer who had most distinguished himself in military engineering.
His first association with railways was an attachment to the London and South Western Railway at Eastleigh in 1909. He was posted to India in 1911 and undertook a railway course at Sialkot before joining 26 (Railway) Company Sappers and Miners who were engaged in building a railway in the North West Punjab. Shortly after the outbreak of WW1 he was sent to France as adjutant of the railway construction companies sent from India.
On the 11th August, 1915 he married Marion (Molly) Jessie the only daughter of the late W.F. Topping and Mrs. Darley-Bentley at St. John’s Westminster. They had two sons and one daughter. On the 23rd August, 1915 he embarked at Avonmouth commanding 117th Railway Company and sailed for Mudros. He then went with that company to Salonika, and became Assistant Director Railways, and then Director of Railways, Salonika with the temporary rank of Colonel. He was awarded the DSO in 1917 and made CBE in 1919. He was also decorated by the Greek, French [Legion d’Honneur (Officier) same Edinburgh Gazette as Douglas] and Serbian Governments. He became Director of Railways at GHQ Army of the Black Sea in 1920 being responsible for Turkish Railways in Asia Minor and Thrace, for which position he held the rank of Brigadier-General. At the end of 1920 he went he the Uganda Railway as Chief Engineer. At the time the Uganda Railway was suffering from a lack of funds and poor maintenance. The post-war prosperity, however, lead to an expenditure of £10 million between 1920-28. Rhodes oversaw the extension of track mileage from 700 to over 1,600 miles, the establishment of Kilindir as a port and the improvement of steamer services on Lake Albert. He retired from the Army on 26th December, 1926 and became General Manager of Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours. He was created a Knight Batchelor in 1934.
He was recalled for service during WW2. In May, 1941, the attempt to install a pro-Axis Government in Iraq failed and the British occupied the country. Following the German invasion of Russia, British and Russian troops occupied Persia and Rhodes was appointed Director of Transportation Persia. In August, 1942 the Persia and Iraq Command (PAIC) was formed and Rhodes became DQMG (Mov and Tn). Persia was the only safe supply route to Russia and supplies were desperately needed. There was a great deal of port, road, railway and Inland waterway construction and large orders were placed for the necessary equipment. For his work in setting this transportation network up Rhodes was created CB in 1943. PAIC was closed down in February,1945 and Rhodes worked for the Government of India as Regional Port Director, Calcutta. He returned to Kenya in 1948 to become Special Commissioner of Works and Chief Engineer to the Kenyan Government. He retired in 1951 and continued to live in Kenya. He became Chief Commissioner of Scouts in Kenya, a Knight of St. John and a Commander of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade. He died in Nairobi Hospital on 21st February, 1971. (Anon 1971) See also Imperial Vancouver Island Who was Who 1850 - 1950 by J.F. Bosher

Romanes, George WO339/104890
d.o.b. 31st August 1885 in Edinburgh to George and Eliza, father was an engineer, Educ. Edinburgh Academy, BSc., Edinburgh University, 1905. A.M.I.C.E., 7th Nov, 1911, Assistant Engineering Department, Edinburgh University 1906-08, No. 4 Coy Q.R.V.B. Royal Scots 1902-05, Private, Chief Engineer, H.M. Factory Craigleith [See University of Edinburgh Roll of Honour 1914-1919]. Arrives back in Liverpool on 19/04/1915 from Canada, released 24th March, 1919, had been with 108 Coy until 1st Oct, 1918 then Wks. Superintendent JSC Rlys until 19th Jan, 1919, invalided home going to Kelso. Left Salonika on 19th Jan, 1919 arrives Southampton 29th Jan, 1919. Sent home as convalescent patient from Influenza, married to Ella E.B

Rowbotham, A S or L? MID

Richardson Edward George, WO339/55714
Dob 27th Dec, 1887 in London, son of James Edward and Emily neé Wicks, father was an engineer, educ. St. Mary’s Branston Sq., Regent St. Polytechnic, had been working as Assistant Engineer, Nigerian Govt Railways, enlisted into Mombasa Marine Defence on 9th Aug, 1915 and left for UK to get commissioned on 28th December, 1915. The summary of his career states that he had worked for Baker and Shelford (Consulting Engineers) for 5 years, 1909-1910, Assistant Engineer Magadi Railway Survey, 1910-1911 Works Engineer, Thames Ironworks, 1911-1913 Assistant Engineer Nigerian Govt Railways, 1913-1915 Assistant Engineer for Messrs Pauling & Co. Magadi Railway Construction. Released 26th April, 1919, relinquishes commission on 10th Sept, 1921, Crown Agents request report on him on 11th Dec, 1925, commissioned 2nd Lt. 11th March, 1916, Lt. 22nd Oct, 1916 A/Capt. 9th Feb, 1917, Capt., 16th Sept, 1917, 32 in April 1919, had served as private soldier in East African Campaign before commissioning, civil engineer, had been working for Paulings, got malaria before he joined up. Married to Mary Lidey

Sanford, Dudley William, MID, A.M.I.C.E.
Dob 15/04/1890, Chertsey, son of William Thomas Sanford, Educ. Uppingham School, Conville and Caius College, Cambridge 1909, [The War List for the University of Cambridge 1914-1918. ] B.A., Entered service of Midland Railway on 25/11/1912 as Pupil, left for Military Duty on 13/08/1914, resumed career with Midland on 16/09/1919. Greek Medal for Military Merit 3rd Class, 4th Class, [LG 31659, page 14640 dated 25/11/1919,] commissioned 11/07/1915, serving with 100th Field Coy. R.E. 22nd Division, gained experience in field defences, mining, water supply, road making, bridge making, construction of light railways in France and Macedonia, from April to December, 1917 Lt. in Standard Gauge ROC, in charge of the running shed and later the repair shop on the J.S.C. Rly, Jan, 1918 – Mar, 1919 Capt. in command of a light railway operating Coy, 55 miles of line and 500 men under him, March 1919 – July 1919 District Locomotive Inspector at Scutari in charge of shops and shed and a section 200 miles in length. not yet diagnosed fever, 08/9/1916 evacuated by Ambulance Train to No. 31 CCS, Member of I.L.E. 27/09/1928, CME Dept, LMS, Derby, dies 20/08/1948, at Littleover Hollow, Derbyshire, widow Dinah Blanche neé Hannaford, married at St. James, Derby 18/08/1919, WO330/73001 released as T/Capt. on 5th August, 1919, there is a letter in his file from his father saying that he was MID.

Sandford G E

Saunders George Muskett OBE? 2 x MID [One MID in WO339/66271, LG Supplement D/5/619 dated 5th April, 1919 General Milnes Despatch LG date 25th March, 1918] WO339/66271
South India Railway in 1916 AMICE 10/01/1911, returns there after War, home town Bath? Married to Florence Mary and living in Cookham, Berkshire in 1930, released 28th August, 1919 had been A/Lt.-Col from 30th Oct, 1918 to 13th August 1919, father was HJ Saunders of Bath, embarks Devonport on H.M. Manitou on 7th Sept, 1916, arrives Salonika 19th Sept, 1916, Lt.-Col when HQ of RCE No. 2. educ. Private, civil engineer, SIR request his return in 1919 urgently, dob, 18th June, 1877 at Bladwill, Glamorganshire, had served with Southern Provinces Mounted Volunteer Rifles Madras from 1906 to 30th March, 1916 on returning to UK, rank of Sgt. Had been working as District Engineer on SIR.

Scammell, Peter George seen 180616 WO339/104932
dob 18th Oct, 1891 in Lambeth, father was a farrier, educ. Haverian College, Mayfield, Sussex, Railway Inspector (Traffic) in civil life. Became head ticket collector on 4/06/1910 on LBSCR, enlisted on 8th August, 1914 in 24th Bn London Regt to France 15/03/1915, promoted L/Sgt 4th Jan, 1917, commissioned into Labour Corps 15th July, 1917 transferred and then to RE 22nd Sept 1917, dies May 1937 in Surrey, married to Winifred, embarks Southampton 14th Sept, 1918, Cherbourg 15th Sept, Taranto 23rd Sept, Itea on 23rd Sept. gets the flu on 30th Sept, in hospital and joins 19 ROC on 1st Nov 1918, posted to 217 ROC on formation on 10th Dec 1918, 29th March, 1919 attached to HQ MOCS Anatolian Rlys, appointed RTO Class HH 1st April, 1919, on 15th Oct 1919 is posted to Stores Supt MOCS, 30th Jan, 1920 embarks Constantinople en-route to UK for leave, applies for the Colonial Service after war, Sappers had asked for him not to be commissioned into Labour Corps but ROD as they needed his technical experience, father was E Scammel,

Shanley Coote Nisbitt WO339/23168
born 29th Jan, 1889, in UK. educ. McGill University Canada, although not finished degree? served 3rd Victoria Mounted Rifle from Mar 1906 to May, 1909 as Sgt, from Dec 9th 1913 seconded as Lt in Corps of Guides for active service, 5th Infantry Brigade Staff Bde Intelligence Offer 1914 manoeuvres, Canadian Remount Depot West Down Camp, Salisbury Plain. Released as T/Capt. on 30th Oct, 1919, permanent address Montreal.

Sowerby, Maurice Eden WO25/3917/938
b. 15th December, 1874 at Gainford. 2nd s of Thomas C J and Juliana Sowerby of Co. Durham, father had died not long before the 1881 census, after leaving School of Military Engineering served in Inspector General of Fortifications Office 9th Nov, 1896- 30th December, 1897, joined Egyptian Army 16th December, 1898, Sudan Government Railways start 1899 later Lt-Col, Chief Engineer SGR from 1906-1915, went to Dardanelles in 1915, built military railway to Palestine in 1915, died on 28th January, 1920 [see the Times of 6th February, 1920] while employed by Egyptian State Railways as Under Secretary Egyptian Ministry of Communications. 2nd Lt, 17th August 1894, Lt, 17th August 1897, Capt. 1st April, 1904, buried Cairo War Memorial Cemetery, not married effects to a cousin? William Basset Sowerby
(Conolly 1898)
(Keown-Boyd 1996)

Thomson, Kenneth John, MBE. AMIEE, Assoc MIA WO339/123423
dob 9th Jan, 1891 at Opotiki, New Zealand educ. High School in New Zealand and Central Technical College, South Kensington, father was a sheep farmer, 1902-1903 at South Ken, after leaving high school in NZ he had 5 years business training, went to America in 1905 and joined Messrs Jones and Lamson, Springfield, Vermont, specialist lathe manufacturers, in 1906 joined Messrs Clayton and Shuttleworth and gained experience in works organisation, spent time with Messrs Harrison and McGregor, Leigh, Lancs., to gain special iron foundry experience, in 1908 joined Mr. Thomas on work connected with his transmission system, in December 1908 formed Thames Transmissions ltd., and in Dec 1909 Thames Foreign Patents Ltd., Secretary and Director of both Companies, besides doing the accounts assisted Mr. Thomas on the technical side chiefly in practical work, he had just returned from New Zealand having spent 18 months there erecting and testing and service running of a 200 h.p. petrol loco-coach supplied to NZGR, by Thames Transmissions ltd. Commissioned 30th August, 1917. Released on 8th August, 1919 as A/Major.


Tweedie, Frank Forbes, OBE MID [Aka Francis; Same date as for second MID LG as below, but page 6949 both confirmed in WO339/67695; LG 30740, page 6920 07/06/1918; Second MID LG 31385, page 7219, dated 03/06/1919 acting Lt-Col.] IMechE WO339/67695
Dob 29th August, 1874, Sitapur, United Provinces, India, son of Maurice Tweedie, [Col. Bombay Staff Corps.] educ. Preparatory school Eastbourne, 1885-89, Dover College 1889-93, Crystal Palace School of Engineering, 1893-4, 1894-98 apprenticed to Messrs Sharp, Stewart and son, Glasgow, then 1898-99 LSWR, from Sept, 1899 Assistant Locomotive Supt on SIR for 4 years 3 months, then promoted to District Locomotive Superintendent marries Hilda Fernihough on 28th March, 1908 at Negapatam, Madras, India, 1 s. In 1912 Capt. in South Indian Railway Volunteer Rifles and District Locomotive Inspector, Order of the White Eagle Knight [LG 9976 dated 15/10/1920 from Serbia] Deputy Assistant Director of Railway Traffic (Class BB) Temp Major seniority date 01/05/1918, aged 40 when admitted to 28 General Hospital on 14/01/1918 for haemorrhoids, discharged to Officers Convalescent Home Kirejok on 05/02/1918, Presbyterian with 32 Coy 18 months service at the time released 21st June, 1919 as T/Capt. had been T/Lt.-Col at some stage, commissioned 3rd August, 1916, South Indian Railway Volunteer Rifles mobilised in Oct, 1914, Tweedie leave India in June, 1916 from 31st December 1916 he is at Audruicq until 14th Jan, 1917 then posted to 19 ROC on 9th Feb, 1917 on 28th July Commands 19 ROC vide Archbutt, on 29th July to 32 ROC, spends from 14th Jan 1918 to 16th Feb in hospital with haemorrhoids, on 7th August 1918 granted acting rank of Major whilst DAD of Railway Traffic, graded for pay BB, Lt.-Col by 30th Oct, 1918, relinquishes appointment as DADRT on 15th Jan, 1919 to UK on leave on 22nd Feb, 1919, on 1st April, 1919 transfers from Loco Supt JSC to Loco Supt M.O.&C.S. Anatolian Railways, dies Fordingbridge 17/03/1963

Walker G.C.

Weaver, George Dyer WO374/72634

dob 3rd April, 1872 at Weymouth, Nova Scotia, wife was Laura Fullerton, educ. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Kentucky University, Institute of Municipal Engineers, graduated in 1897 although the form says 1987, had worked on Mississippi Levees, Levels and Construction, two years on railway construction, 3 years for Saskatchewan Govt., on road surveying and construction, drainage and superintending work, had been City Engineer at Melfort on water works construction. Enlisted in Canadian Engineers as Sapper on 6th December, 1915 commissioned 15th Sept, 1916, arrives in Salonika on 10th Dec, 1917, and to 267 Coy on 15th, on 20th Feb 1918 to 108 RSRS, was sent to UK on leave in Jan 1919 and told he was not required back in Salonika, released 30/06/1919, arrives back in Halifax, Nova Scotia 26th June, 1919, possible death Hamilton, Ontario in 1953.

Weeds, Charles Edgar WO374/72876 not our man

Weeds, John, MID [Army of the Black Sea, General Milne’s Despatch of 11th Feb, 1920 LG 31908, page 5706 dated 20th May, 1920] seen 180616 WO339/105217
born in Harlesden, Middlesex, on 3rd May, 1888, son of William Weeds and Caroline Shepard father had been railway traffic official, educ. County School, Llandudno. From 1903-1910 had worked on the LNWR at various stations in parcels, Goods and Traffic Working, from 1910 -1914 had been on the Superintendents Staff engaged in Traffic and Goods Working. On enlistment he was working as a clerk in the District Traffic Superintendents office of the LNWR at Chester. served in ranks Cheshire Regt embodied TF from 10th Sept, 1914 to 10th June, 1917, commissioned 2nd Lt. R.E. on 13th June, 1917, appointed RTO (Class HH) with temp rank of Lt. 8th Nov. 1918, promoted Lt. 13th Dec, 1918, relinquishes appoint as RTO 15th March, 1919, appointed A/Capt. 15th March 1919, seconded for duty as Traffic Superintendent Anatolian Rly and retains A/Capt. 23rd Sept. 1919 MID in LG 20th May, 1920, relinquishes A/Capt. 8th July, 1920, relinquishes commission and granted rank of Capt. 20th July, 1920. Applied for Colonial Service after war, in 1939 he was a hotel proprietor in Ross-On-Wye, Married Phyllis Irene Brassington in Sept, 1929 in Wolverhampton. Dies in Weymouth, Dorset in June, 1973

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