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W G Bagnall Ltd

Photo/specification cards.

Clayton Wagons Ltd


BORHT Accession Number 2018/09/01.

Drg. No. 4104 Body Framing dated 29/06/28 Order No. AW679 San Sebastian and Pamplona Railway, 3 Diesel Electric Railcars.

Drg. No. 4707 Power Bogie Frame Arrangement dated 4/10/28 Order No A.W.688 of 27/09/28 for SAR Order, 1 Steam Railcar.

Drg. No. 4724 Body Framing dated 17/12/28 Order No A.W.688 of 19/11/28 for SAR Order, 1 Steam Railcar.

Drg. No. 4284 Bolster Arrgt. (Power End) dated 28/09/28 Order Nos AW 673 A.W.688 for SAR, 2 + 1 Steam Railcars.

Drg. No. UW 830 Arrangement of 7 x 10 Twin Cylinder Engine with radial valve gear dated 9/04/29

Donated by Dr Nicholas Hiley, June 2018

Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Company.

Collection of works photographs.

Howroyd Collection of Electrification Reports. (Brazil, Pakistan, New Zealand, China, Israel)


This is a small collection of reports by Mr Howroyd on power supply studies for proposed electrification projects, plus some notes on IEE meetings held abroad in the early 1980's.

Advice on Railroad Electrification: Ferrovia do Aço and Vitória a Minas Part II Analaysis of Electricity Supply Proposals and Provisional Recommendations to CEMIG (Centrais Eléctricas de Minas Gerais S.A.) Nov 1975
Part 2 Analysis of Electricity Supply Proposals and Provisional Recommendations to ESCELSA (Espirito Santo Centrais Elétricas S.A.) Nov 1976
Copy of OCSNEWS Dec 1975

Carajas railway Electrification Proposal c. 1982
Part 2 of a report to Eletronorte on power factor and harmonics undated
Two photocopies of RGI articles on Carajas, 1980 & 1984.

Pakistan Railway Electrification Khanewal to Karachi City
Progress Report date 24 Dec 1982
Feasibility of supply system, Supporting Notes dated 30 March 1983
Notes on site visits in Nov/Dec 1982 and March 1983

New Zealand Railways Electrification study 1984
Draft Scope of Works March 1984
Phase 1 Report 26 March 1984 (Power supply harmonics)
File Note (17/04/84) and draft letter (29/10/84) about harmonics.

Visit to Beijing Oct 1983
Various papers connected with a lecture tour by Mr Howroyd and Mr Cornfield (CEGB).

Modernisation and Electrification of the KCR
Power Factor Investigation 1985
Note of meeting with China Light & Power 13 March 1985, Letter of Appreciation from KCR 17 April 1985 and letter of dissociation from KCR's chosen course of action to correct power factor, 12 Sept 1985.

IEE Conference Railway Electrification Tel Aviv June 1988
Various letters and notes on an IEE meeting in Tel Aviv as part of a British Overseas Trade Group for Israel visit

Donated by Mr D C Howroyd

Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd

Kerr Stuart Works Photographs.

Livesey & Henderson

These papers were deposited by Andrew Henderson who was the Trust's first President until his death in 1991.


Aperture cards of drawings of locomotives and track fittings. See separate list under South America for full details.

  1. Various Peruvian Corporation and contractors drawings not related to specific railways - 10 drawings of track fittings dated 1924-1954.
  2. Central Railway - 18 drawings of track fittings dated 1919-1965.
  3. Cerro de Pasco Corporation - 3 drawings of Beyer Peacock 2-8-0 locomotive dated 1951.
  4. Chimbote Railway - 3 drawings of track fittings dated 1907-1912.
  5. Guaqui La Paz Railway - 4 drawings of track fittings dated 1930-1948.
  6. FC de Pacasmayo - 6 drawings of track fittings dated 1904-1935
  7. Paita & Puira Railway - 1 drawing of a rail spike date 1938.
  8. Southern Railway - 1 drawing of 0-6-0ST locomotive dated 1951 and 15 drawings of track fittings dated 1912-1963.
  9. Trujillo Railway - 3 drawings of Hunslet 2-6-0 locomotive dated 1935 and 2 drawings of track fittings dated 1935.
  1. Copy negatives of an album of photographs related to Andrew Henderson's war service in North Africa 1941-5. This album was later deposited by Andrew Henderson's heirs with the I Mech E, item 71 on the I Mech E list.
  2. File containing biographical data on Andrew Henderson and lists of Livesey & Henderson Archives held by other organisations.

    CV, I Mech E and I C E membership forms (copies)
    Programme for Andrew Henderson's Memorial Service at Brompton Oratory
    Copy of Andrew's Chairman's Address to the I Mech E Railway Division in 1972, "The Changing Scene Overseas",
    Lists of Livesey & Henderson papers in the Peruvian Corporation's London Archive (deposited at UCL Library), at the I Mech E and at the National Railway Museum.

    Some of this material was collected for an article in BORJ No 10.
  3. A brochure dated 1950 for The Henderson-Busby Partnership.
  1. Contract drawings comprising many hundreds of roll size linen tracings of locomotives, carriages, wagons, workshop equipment and track fittings which await listing.

North British Locomotive Drawings

North British Works Drawings.

Bond and Share Certificates

The Beira Railway Company LimitedCertificate to Bearer for 50 shares held on trust by the British South Africa Company dated [25 Jul 1893].
Certificate to Bearer for 100 shares held on trust by the British South Africa Company dated 28 Jan 1895.
The Beira Junction Railway (Port Beira to Fontesville) LimitedCertificate to Bearer for 5 shares dated 10 Dec 1895
Certificate to Bearer for 10 shares dated 10 Dec 1895
Belgian Eastern Junction Railway CompanyCertificate for five shares n.d., but tax stamp cancelled 1 Nov 1864.
Brazil Great Southern Railway Co Ltd1888 6% Debenture Stock Certificate.
The Egyptian Delta Light RailwaysCertificate for five 10 Preference Shares dated 1901
Certificate for five 10 Preference Shares dated 1905
The Euphrates Valley Railway CompanyScrip Certificate for five shares dated 4 July 1856
Fayoum Light Railways CompanyDebenture to Bearer for 20 Sterling at 4% dated 1 Oct 1899
Companhia de MossamedesShare Warrant to Bearer dated 30 July 1895.

Family History Files


Files of correspondence concerning individual railwaymen

Francis BellBuenos Aires Western Rly1927/30Yes
William English BrownArgentina, BA&PR construction ?1886/7No
George Frederick ColmanLeopoldina Railway, Brazil1897 onNo
George HerbertCoach Makerc. 1850No
Thomas ShakespearChile1898Diary



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