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British Military Railways in Egypt, Palestine and Syria in the Great War
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We (principally Julian Rainbow) have made a collection of OO and HO models of War Department locomotives and rolling stock. The full collection has been exhibited at Globalrail, at the Maldegem Steam Festival in May 2018, at Tracks to the Trenches 3 in July 2018, Gaugemaster Open Weekend in September 2018, CFV3V Steam Festival in September 2018 at Treines Station and at ExpoNG at Swanley in October 2018.

Since we want as many people as possible to see the collection, we are open to invitations to display it.

Photograph © Julian Rainbow.

The photograph above shows models of equipment used on the Western Front and in the Palestine, Salonika and Mesopotamia Campaigns. All are OO and OO9 scale (1:76) with the exception of the Western Front train on the bottom shelf headed by ROD 704, which is HO scale (1:87).

Photograph © Julian Rainbow.

In the photograph above the top row shows metre gauge wagons for the Western Front and a 3ft 6in gauge locomotive used in the South-West Africa Campaign. The other locomotives are standard (known to the army as Broad) gauge locomotives for the Western Front. All are HO scale (1:87).


The BORHT Council, at a meeting in 2012, discussed a programme of actions to mark the forthcoming Centenary of the Great War. The Chairman proposed a book to introduce the military railways which British forces built and operated around the world during the Great War. A team of members of the Trust was formed to compile the book which eventually became BRITISH MILITARY RAILWAYS OVERSEAS IN THE GREAT WAR, planned for publication at Tracks to the Trenches 3 in July 2018. It was agreed that any interesting material which went into too much detail for the book would be published in special issues of THE BRITISH OVERSEAS RAILWAYS JOURNAL or booklets if too large for the Journal.

BRITISH MILITARY RAILWAYS OVERSEAS IN THE GREAT WAR was published as planned at Tracks to the Trenches 3. It contains, in 400 A4 size pages, 30 chapters on every theatre in which there were railways operated by Imperial British forces. The Chapters are as follows:-

Ch 1, Introduction,
Part 1. Belgium, France and Italy.
Ch 2, The Work done by the Railway Troops in France during 1914-19.
Ch 3, Railway Operation in France.
Ch 4, Railway Workshops.
Ch 5, War Department Light Railways.
Ch 6, Forward Communications and Military Mine Railways.
Ch 7, The Cross Channel Train Ferry Service.
Ch 8, Empire Railway Troops on the Western Front.
Ch 9, British Military Railway Work in Italy, 1917-18.
Ch 10. The Mediteranean Line of Communication.
Part 2. The Levant.
Ch 11, British Military Railways in the Gallipoli Campaign.
Ch 12, Railways in the Salonica Campaign.
Ch 13, Military Railways in Egypt, Palestine and Syria in World War 1.
Part 3. Middle East.
Ch 14, Military Railways in the Mesopotamian Campaign 1914-1918.
Ch 15, "Those Barren Rocks": The Building of the Aden Railway during World War 1.
Ch 16, Persia.
Part 4. Africa.
Ch 17, Military Railways in East Africa in World War 1.
Ch 18. West Africa.
Ch 19. The Campaign in German South West Africa.
Part 5. Southern Ocean Islands
Ch 20, Southern Ocean Islands.
Part 6. Locomotives and Rolling Stock.
Ch 21, Broad Gauge Locomotives.
Ch 22, Ambulance Trains.
Ch 23. Armoured Trains.
Ch 24, R.O.D. Broad Gauge Rolling Stock on the Western Front.
Ch 25, Metre Gauge Locomotives and Rolling Stock.
Ch 26. Narrow Gauge Locomotives and Rolling Stock.
Part 7. The Aftermath.
Ch 27, The British Army of the Rhine 1919-1929.
Ch 28, Russia.
Ch 29, Railway Policy in Relation to General Policy in the Middle East.
Part 8. Epilogue.
Ch 30, W.W.1 Preservation.

WW1 cover

Download a corrigendum.

There are numerous maps, drawings and photographs.

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BRITISH MILITARY RAILWAYS IN EGYPT, PALESTINE AND SYRIA IN THE GREAT WAR is a Supplement to Chapter 13 of British Overseas Railways in the Great War. It is an album of 39 photographs of mainly broad gauge (i.e. standard gauge) and 1.05 metre gauge railways and two maps, in 16 A4 size pages. The narrow gauge photographs and a few of the broad gauge photographs for Chapter 13 were published in the main book. The sections of the main book for which there are photographs in this Supplement are as follows:-

13.3. The Advance across Sinai towards Southern Palestine.
13.4. The Breakthrough at Gaza and Occupation of Southern Palestine.
13.6. The Post War Situation.
13 Miscellaneous


Provisional price in UK is 5.00

WW1 Egypt Cover


The first fruit of this work was the publication in 2014 of a special issue of The British Overseas Railways Journal devoted to World War One which contains articles on the WD Light Railways, ROD 2717, Salonica and the NSWGR 2-8-0's, which were requisitioned for service in France.


This is the second special issue of The British Overseas Railways Journal devoted to World War One which contains articles on the R.O.D.'s use of Metre Gauge Lines in France and Flanders, Western Front photographs wich should have been published in our WW1 book, Lt-Col. Sir Victor Michael Barrington Ward, a review of our WW1 book, the late Henry Gunston (one of the authors of our WW1 book) and R.O.D. D.C.M.'s.

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