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Letterkenny and Burtonport Railway

EG/A side elevation and plan of 2-6-0T locomotive constructed by Andrew Barclay Sons & Co.
Engineering, April 24, 1903

Olot and Gerona Railway

FC Olot a Gerona Drawings1. Hogar [firebox] para locomotora Tipo Nos 1, 2 y 3, dated 1907. [Blueprint] Scale 1 to 5.

2. Caloriferos al xcetato sodico, undated [Blueprint] Scale 1 to 2 and full size.

3. Esquema y Caracteristicas principales de las Lras que posse esta Compaņia. Dibujo No 273, Amer Marzo de 1953. (Loco Diagrams for locos 6 to 10 and 21 to 24.) [Dyeline] Scale 1 to 50.

Unknown; probably ex-London office
Kerr Stuart drawingDrg No 7489, dated 30/9/01 or 30/9/07. [Tracing] Scale 1.5 inch = 1 foot. [Shows side elevation and dimensions of 0-6-2T, presumably Olot & Gerona No 5, KS 708 of 1900Unknown; probably ex-London office
St Leonard drawingCommande No 8875. Foyer pour la locomotiva No 4. Issued 8 Feb 1912. [Blueprint] Scale: 1 to 5

6. Drg No P554. Locomotive-tender a 3 essieux accouples avec bissel a l'avant. Issued 14 June 1910. [Blueprint] Scale 1 to 10. [g/a of locos 6 to 8]

Unknown; probably ex-London office
Various drawings of proposed motive powerSt Leonard Drg No P660 bis. Locomotive a deux groupes de roues motrices, System "Garratt". Undated. [Blueprint] Side elevation Scale 1:20 (2-6-0+0-6-2)

8. Bagnall Drg No 7758. Steam rail motor coach to seat 60 passengers. Undated [Blueprint] Scale 1/2 inch = 1 foot.

9. James H Tozer & Son Ltd. Drg No 3950 date 22/2/08. Copy of no 72350. [Blueprint showing 60 seat 5' 6" gauge steam railcar] Scale 1/2 inch = 1 foot

Unknown; probably ex-London office

WW1 Western Front, Middle East etc.


Accession No 2012/8/xx

01.CO 956A steam roller in difficulties on a muddy road. October 1916.
02.Q 2747Soldiers going towards the line in open railway trucks; near Boesinghe, 22 August 1917.
03.Q 2886Wrecked locomotive in the ruined railway station at Nieuport-Bains, 9 September 1917.
04.Q 3154RMA Foster Daimler petrol tractor hauling barrel of 7.5 inch. July 1917.
05.Q 4517Tractor engine and trailer bringing shells up for the 15 inch howitzer in Englebelmer Wood, September 1916.
06.Q 4623A supply train arriving at railhead. Montauban. December 1916.
07.Q 4971Smashed railway engine at Peronne. March 1917.
08.Q 5254Battles of Arras. A 6-inch gun whose tractor's wheels have sunk in the mud. Between Blangy and Feuchy, May 1917.
09.Q 5785A wrecked German light railway engine at Combles, 5 February 1917.
10.Q 5930Men of a Midland Regiment entraining between Brielen and Ypres 27 August 1917, on coming out of the trenches.
11.Q 5998Battle of Polygon Wood; Men of the 7th Brigade, 3rd Division going up by light railway to the attack in which they took Zonnebeke, Pilcke Ridge, 25 September 1917.
12.Q 6014Foden Steam Wagon. Near Zillebeke. 24 September, 1917.
13.Q 6076General John Biddle and Staff in charge of the American Railway Regiments at the light railway works at Boisleux-au-Mont, 2 September 1917.
14.Q 6087Transferring road-making material from train to steam lorries. Near Bapaume, 17 October 1917. (CLAYTON STEAM LORRIES).
15.Q 6180Fowler Traction engines near Feuchy. River Scarpe in background, April 1917.
16.Q 6227Battles of Arras. Wounded being placed on a light railway. Near Feuchy. 29 April 1917.
17.Q 6239Arras Offensive. A light railway train carrying wounded passing a 12 inch gun on railway mounting. Outskirts of Arras, 29 April 1917.
18.Q 7516Towing out of an Ordnance Park one of the high velocity guns handed over to the Allies in accordance with the Armistice terms; near Cologne, 5 April 1919.
19.Q 8578A Royal Engineer working party being conveyed by a light railway which passed through a ruined building. Arras, 8 March 1918.
20.Q 10011Dieppe Train Ferry. Shore end of Bridge.
21.Q 10013Dieppe Train Ferry. Bridge (looking towards shore).
22.Q 10061Train ferry leaving the ferry berth at Calais.
23.Q 13147The journey to Jerusalem. This photograph was taken from a carriage in the rear of the train seen in the photograph whilst it was travelling. (The photographer going on leave to Jerusalem).
24.Q 15133Railway construction with Salonica Expeditionary Force. Light Rail Construction. Stavros Line. Turkish Prisoners of War labour.
25.Q 15304IWT Mesopotamia; Craft Re-erection Yard and Stores Depot, Margil, 5 October 1916. Singapore Chinese Camp. The first hut for officers and stores and two huts for native workmen. The building on the extreme right is the IW Barge Construction Store. Rails are shown leading from wharf to the store.
26.Q 15844Desert Railway, Kantara to Romani, Summer 1916.
27.Q 16635Murmansk from the Harbour. May 1919.
28.Q 16652Onda Bridge under reconstruction. Murmansk, 1919.
29.Q 35469Light Railways. Loaded train going to the front.
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