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Correspondence of H C McHugh, District Inspector of Accounts, ChurchgateT1. Re leave of absence in 1939 to continue accountancy studies in London.
2. Re resignation in 1948 and pay adjustments.

Ceylon Railway

Drawings (linens) for Metropolitan Cammel Carriage, Wagon and Finance Company 5 ft 6 in gauge 4-wheeled Covered Wagons, Requisition No 1002/1.Purchased

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Historical Map of the Darjeeling Himalaya Co Ltd India by J C Gillham, No 358 October 1980

ISR, East Bengal Railway

Sir A M Rendell's drawings (linens) for Metropolitan Amalgamated Railway Carriage and Wagon Company 5 ft 6 in gauge bogie carriage stock, Contract No 7685 of 23/10/08.
Rendell Drg NoMetro Drg NoFrom ISR Drg NoDescriptionScale
E8392 56975?Inter Class and Brake Compo3/4"
E8392 57976E8264/1Body Sections3/4"
E8392 58977VariousBody Sections3/4"
E8392 59978VariousBody Sections3/4"
E8392 60979E8269Collapsible vestibule3"
E8392 61980E8269Vestibule details no 13"
E8392 62981E8269Vestibule details no 23"
E8392 76995E8026Metallic fittings sheet no 4-
E8392 77996E8267/1Luggage door fastenings3"
E8392 78997E8267/1Bed fittings and seats3" & Full
E8392 79998-CommodeHalf Size
E8392 80999-Lavatory fittings1/8, 1/4 & Full
E8392 811000E8026/2Lavatory fittings1/4 & Full Size
E8392 821001-Diagram of electric wiring1/4"
E8392 82A1001A-Diagram of electric wiring1/4"
E8392 841003-Diagram of gas lighting1"
E8392 851004-List of gas fittings-
Donated by Mr D Donoyou
East Bengal Railway drawings

BORHT Accession Number 2018/09/02.

The following 4 blueprints were with the Clayton Wagons Ltd drawings donated by Dr Hiley and so were probably sent to Clayton Wagons Ltd in connection with an enquiry or order.

Sketch No. 2356 dated 13/09/22 Bogie Third Class Carriage, scale 1 in to 1 foot.

Sketch No. 2382 dated 13/03/23 Bogie Third Luggage & Brake, scale 1 in to 1 foot.

Sketch No. 2384 dated 18/08/22 Bogie 1st. & 2nd. Class Carriage, scale 1 in to 1 foot.

Drg. No. 10644 dated 08/07/22 Cross Section of Upper Class Carriage for Suburban Stock S.G.

Donated by Dr Nicholas Hiley, June 2018

Ferderated Malay States Railways

Photograph Album dated 1949-1950 (2011/02)Album of photographs taken in Malaya during 1949-50 showing recovery operations of trains derailed by terrorists etc and also some social activities.

Page 1. Derailment of Patrol Train and Up Night Mail Train by Terrorists between Temoh and Banir night of 1/2 Feb 1949.
Patrol Train + One Crash wagon, one loco (564.32) one Pillbox Wagon (all derailed).
Penang Mail, One Loco (564.14) and two BCG's derailed.

Page 2. Continuation from page 1

Page 3. Continuation from page 2

Page 4. July 1949 - Family photograph possibly taken in UK.

Page 5. Port Dickson 1949. Photographs of Joan and Geoff Wilkins and Edith and Martin Bell and one other (owner of Album?)

Page 6. Snake Temple Penang Nov 1949 with album owner holding snakes.

Page 7. Penang Nov 1949. Lone Pine Hotel. Dr & Mrs O'Shaunessey. Ray netted from beach.

Page 8. Nov 1949: Trolah Estate Bungalow, Mr & Mrs G M (Sam) Browne; 12 Syers Road; View from 12 Syers Road; Lone Pine Hotel 10th mile Penang.

Page 9. 12 Syers Road Xmas Day 1949: photographs of Wilkins, Williams, Lockeys, Dillows, Rowlands, Warrens

Page 10. Derailment Train 390 by Bandits T.P. 39/8 East Coast Line 10/12/49. Engine and tender 531.02 etc (see list on page). Includes photographs of McLeod, EWW Gemas and Arthur Baxby, ALS Gemas.

Page 11. Derailment of Train No. 391 dn, T.P. 42/18 East Coast Line, 5 Feb 1950. Crash wagon, Loco 531.16, tender and B.C.G.

Page 12. Derailment of Train 390 TP 38/13 East Coast Line on 1 March 1950. Engine No. 531.01, Crash wagon, 2 B.C.G.'s. (continued on Page 14)

Page 13. Derailment of Train 391 E.C.R. T.P. 67/3 March 6th 1950, Crashwagon, locomotive (531.06?), 2 B.L.S

Page 14. Lifting Loco No 53101 derailed T.P. 38/13 1 March 1950. Includes two photographs with Jagot Singh, LF Gemas. (see also page 12)

Page 15. Derailment of Train No. 391 dn at T.P.44/ East Coast railway March 28 1950. 4 Crash wagons, 1 loco No 531.10, 2 B.C.G

Page 16. Continuation from page 15. One photograph of Israel, ATS Gemas.

Page 17. Derailment Patrol Train of 4 up by Bandits T.P. 138/6 on 4/4/50. Kampar-Temoh. Rerailing Tender and crash wagon.

Page 18. Continuation from page 17. The Locomotive 564.40.

Page 19. Continuation from page 18. Raising the locomotive, 1st time. Crane and loco overturned 7/4/50. (continued on page 22)

Page 20. Pilot Train. Ater Kuning South, May 1950. (loco 563.09)(continued on page 31)

Page 21. Continuation from page 20.

Page 22. Continuation from page 19. Lifting the 20 ton crane and police guard.

Page 23. Continuation from page 22. Lifting the loco (564.40) 2nd Time.

Page 24. Continuation from page 23. Final lift at T.P. 138/6.

Page 25. Pigeon Orchids at 12 Syers Rd. K.L. and Frasers Hill.

Page 26. Port Dickson May 1950. After a night's fishing, Baba and Abdullah with prau and ray.

Page 27. Patrol Train 4 up on night of 25-26 May 1950. T.P.149/2 near Sungai Merbau. (Loco 563.10)

Page 28. Derailment of Patrol Train 4 up T.P.138/20 28 May 1950 (loco 563.07). Bank slip T.P. 101/4.

Page 29. Non-railway photos (Not captioned).

Page 30. Taiping Pass 1950 and Bukit Berapit Stn

Page 31. Pilot Train 12 up Derailed by Bandits T.P.409/10-11, 8 April 1950.

Pilot Train 11 dn Derailed by Bandits T.P.338/1-2 near Ayer Kuning South 3/4 May 1950. (continued from page 20 and on page 36)).

Page 32. Derailment of Triang Armoured Train T.P. 49/18-19.

Page 33. Kelantan, Loco Foreman, L.C.M. Kelantan River

Page 34. Continued from Page 33. Guillemary (?) Bridge.

Page 35. Sentul Golf Club: 6th Green and Club House: Yates, Wikins, Vaughan, Keen: Match vs Central Electricty Board July 2nd 1950; plus other photographs 2 of which may be Sentul Works.

Page 36. Pilot Train 11 dn Ayer Kuning South T.P.338/1-2, 3-4 April 1950.(Cont. from p 31)

Page 37. Newspaper photograph of 4 up Pilot Train derailment between Tapah Road and Sungkai, 16/7/50

Page 38. Latex Tanks derailed 52 up

This album was supplied by W&L Books, but Bob Vice died before he could tell us its provenance.
ALLAN STANSTREET MALAYA COLLECTION (2018/21/yy) One large cardboard box containing:

1) Weekday Public Timetable October 1966

2) Sunday Public Timetable October 1966

3) Two Malayan Railway colour publicity posters

4) 1969 Malayan Railway Calendar

5) 1968 Malayan Railway map, scale 1:95,000

6) 4 reels of cine film in metal containers marked KTM 1-4

7) 1 reel of cine film in metal container marked 7 Down/8 Up KTM S/pura-KL 30/31 May 1968

8) 1 reel of cine film in plastic container marked KTM ECL

9) Accompanying papers for the cine film detailing sequence

10) Written report on a trip on ECL

11) Envelope containing 12 colour prints and 11 b/w prints and accompanying sheet with details

12) 16 issues of the House magazine

13) Various publicity leaflets, press cuttings and photos

14) Photo album with Pagoda on front and containing a list of photos inside

15) A book entitled Fifty Years of railways in Malaya 1885-1935 (photocopy?)

16) File of correspondence on KTM

17) Box of 81 2 colour slides and accompanying descriptions

18) Tin of KTM publicity stamps

19) 2 slide boxes containing 28 35 mm slides.

Donated by Allan Stanistreet. Collected by Julian Rainbow and Paul Waters at Salisbury on 21st April 2018

Madras Railway Co

Fourteenth Report of the Directors and notice of the seventh annual general meeting on 18 February 1859. Dated February 3rd, 1859Purchased

Pakistan Western Railway

FPWR Diagram Book Locomotives and Railcars B, M & N Gauges dated 30/09/64

Pakistan Western Railway since Independence, PWR: 1962

Map of Pakistan Western Railway, 1963

Diesel Electric Locomotive Data, undated

Donated by Grahame Boyes

Scinde Railway

Engineer's copy of Contract and Specifications for the construction of the Scinde Railway [from Karachi to Kotri opened 1861, Engineer Thomas Alfred Yarrow (1817-1874)]Bought from "Smokebox", Kingston



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