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Barnes, Albert

Dark, K.  Rhyl Miniature Railway. Archive,  2011 (72) 2-8.
Built under the auspices of Miniature Railways of Great Britain Ltd founded by W.J. Bassett-Lowke and Henry Greenly. Sold the line to Rhyl Amusements in 1912 owned Isaac Butler who engaged Albert Barnes to develop the amusements at Marine Lake and set up Albion Works to maufacture fairground equipment. Six locomotives of the Albion class were built between 1920 and 1930 for the line: they were named after Samuel Butler's children: WN 101 Joan; WN 102 Michael; WN 103 John; Michael was sold and replaced by WN 105/1925. WN 104 was named Billie, but was sold and replaced with WN 106 Billy. Trust House Forte closed the site in 1970 and the equipment was used at Manchester Zoo until 1977. Alan Keef reopened the Rhyl line in 1978, but the line is now run by the Rhyl Steam Presevation Trust
See also letter from Robin D. Butterell in Locomotive Mag., 1944, 50, 80

Birley, John Leyland
Died 11 March 1906, aged 49. Owned a 20-inch gauge locommotive with a Willans' compound vertical engine driving through gears and a rectangular verical multitubular boiler. The locomotive ran in the grounds of Millbanke, a property owned by Birley at Kirkham in Lancashire (Uniique narrow gauge locomotive. Locomotive Mag., 1903, 9, 149). He was educated at Uppingham public school, and at Queen's College, Oxford, where he was a good average scholar, and distinctly above the average as an athlete, winning several valuable cups for long distance running. In the 20 acres of grounds at Millbanke, he built a miniature railway, half-a-mile long, with an engine and two coaches. There was a miniature lake, with a model steam launch on it, and a little windmill to pump water into his lake, all of which he made himself. The grounds comprised a small golf links, and half-a-dozen tennis courts (one of concrete), and the meetings of the Fylde Tennis Club when held at Milbanke were greatly looked forward to. Two steam launches which used to be on Lytham beach named Lorna Doone and Stephanie,were docked near the Shipyard, were his productions. Reaminder off Internet

Bullock, H.C.S.
10¼ gauge Pacific with origins in The Great Bear, but with only two cylinders. Locomotive Mag., 1934, 40, 164 (Bullock was the Author of this article), Also Ghosts of Romney Marsh (Howey of RHDR commissioed Bullock to design a Pacific based on the Stanier Princess Royal type which was beyond Bullock's resources and led to his suicide in Rlys South East,1987, 1, 41 and Bullock (H.C.S. Bullock: his life and locomotives by Kenneth Allan Bullock; compiled and edited by Bob Bullock. Dorchester: A to B Books, 2017. 128 pp.)

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